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Cars and Galleries

Cars and Galleries Overview

Entry Gallery – Welcome!

Simply entering the Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum is an experience! Special cars from the Hendricks Collection grace the entry and provide a glimpse of what the Museum has waiting for you. The backdrop of the Entry Gallery is distinctively covered with images of vintage road maps and advertisements from the museum collection and can provide visitors with a wonderful trip through the past before actually entering the museum.
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Mass Mobility Gallery – America Gets Behind The Wheel

The Mass Mobility Gallery provides an introduction to the early years of automobile manufacturing. Cadillac, Pierce-Arrow, Nash and Ford are highlighted in this gallery centered around telling the story of the history of the early American automobile – from building each car individually to the advent of mass production and factory processes.
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Hollywood High Style Gallery – The 1930’s

Glamour, ostentatious design, grace, and power displayed by the wealthy, the famous and the Hollywood stars of the 1930’s included the manner in which they traveled. The most exclusive cars of the time included Packard, Auburn, Cadillac, Cord and of course, Duesenberg. Step back in time and experience high style for yourself!
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American Muscle Gallery — Big Engine, Small Car

Muscle cars, big blocks, four speeds, mag wheels, dual exhausts, speed, roaring engines and burning rubber. Fast food, diners, and great music bring you to the 60’s. From the ‘Cuda to the Judge and Mustang, the cars in this gallery are America’s all around fast favorites, where the mention of a single word is all you need to hear. Shelby, Hemi, Copo, Bandit.
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Custom Crazy Gallery — Chop It, Flame It

This Gallery currently houses our Race Car Paddock and features our historic hand built 1933 Plymouth mono posto, or single-seater, race car alongside a Grand Am Mustang Series Champion track car, and a baja trophy truck purpose built for maximum speed when there is no pavement in sight. Most prominently displayed is an authentic NASCAR #48 Chevy driven to track wins by legendary five-time champion, Jimmie Johnson.
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F-88 Gallery — Rare and Unique

The F-88 Gallery houses the one-of-a-kind 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 Concept Car. The “Mona Lisa” of the Hendricks Collection – the F-88 enjoys a custom display Gallery all its own with a host of information detailing its design, production and acquisition by the Hendricks Collection. Truly a work of art, the F-88 was chosen as a Top 15 Treasure by a leading art and collecting publication that typically focuses solely on art and antiquities.
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Main Gallery — Evolution

The Main Gallery will fill your senses and your camera with a sense of the history, art, industry, culture, characters and drivers of the cars that define the American Automobile. Woodies, large and flashy convertibles, exotic race bred machines, one of a kind concept cars and even the venerable pickup truck are all here and fully displayed to evoke your memory or your imagination.
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