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1934 Ford Custom Coupe, In Excess
No Ford Coupe left the factory in 1934 looking like this. Customized with a Boss 429 engine punched out to 433 cid – this coupe cranks out 1,000 ground shaking horsepower. In addition to having won many other awards, In Excess is the International Show Car Association 2003 International Rod Champion.

1963 Dodge Polara “Max Hemi” Custom Coupe
The “Max Hemi” Polara was built in 2005 and televised on The Discovery Channel’s American Hot Rod. 17 year old Max Cohen was suffering from acute lymphocytic leukemia – and this high school student’s primary interest was designing cars and motorcycles. To make his dreams come into reality, Make-A-Wish Foundation worked with newly founded Boyd Coddington Foundation to grant his wish – to design a custom car to be built by Boyd Coddington’s Garage in La Hambra, California.

2005 Orange County Chopper
Created by the Orange County Choppers to highlight the 20th Anniversary of the Discovery Channel – this cycle is, without question, one of a kind. Designed, built, painted and presented to depict the past 20 years of Discovery Channel history – the incredible detail is a fine example of moving art.

2006 Mustang “Stallion” Chip Foose Custom
Custom car builder Chip Foose saw the Mustang shape as an excellent starting point for his own take on the legendary American pony car. Although Foose retained the basic Mustang shape, he changed the look by redesigning the front and rear fascias, grille, rear lighting and hood. He also added C-pillar ducts, revised side marker lights and a new rear spoiler of his own design.

Custom Crazy

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