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Hollywood High Style: The 1930’s

1929 Packard 645 Deluxe Eight Convertible Runabout
By the end of the 1920’s, Packard was very well established as a manufacturer of carefully engineered and properly built cars for the discerning and prosperous owner. Throughout most of the classic era, the Packard outsold all of its competitors including Lincoln, Cadillac, and Pierce Arrow combined. Considered the sportiest coachwork offered on the chassis, the lines of this true runabout are remarkable, with a long hood, and low beltline. Although the Runabout was the least expensive body style when new, they are the most highly prized today because they represent one of the last true open cars.

1930 Duesenberg Model J – Transformable Cabriolet
Big, grand, powerful – the Duesenberg is the epitome of classic American luxury. One of only two long wheel base Transformable Cabriolets built by Hibbard and Darrin – this car was first displayed at the Paris Salon in October 1929. This car can be a fully closed, or used as a town car with open drivers compartment, or be used as a fully open touring car with open driver side.

1932 Auburn 8-100A Boattail Speedster Convertible
Super salesman E.L. Cord acquired controlling interest in Auburn – and stunning styles soon followed. The most exciting of the new Auburn bodies – the Al Leamy designed speedster. The radically-tapered rear gave the Auburn the look of a road going speedboat, hence the Boattail nickname.

1936 Auburn 8-852 Supercharged Convertible
By 1936 E.L. Cord found himself the focus of federal investigations for stock manipulation and fraud and just 1,844 cars were produced. This Auburn began its life as a coupe. Later – its top was removed and it was subsequently converted to a cabriolet.

1939 Packard Darrin Super Straight 8 Convertible Victoria
Howard “Dutch” Darrin had designed custom coachwork in Paris from 1922-37 when he returned to California to set up a coach-building facility. Within a year Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Carol Lombard and many others had cars built. This Darrin is one of only 24 Darrins built before production moved to Connersville, Indiana and the Convertible Victoria and Sport Sedan model became part of the official Packard catalog.

Hollywood High Style

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